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Dordrecht: Dordrechts Museum (aantekeningen ingekomen brieven)

Bron: stadsarchief Dordrecht
Toegang: 235 Dordrechts Museum
Inventarisnummer: 23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37-38-39-40-41-42-43

ingekomen brieven 1895-1897

Bron: stadsarchief Dordrecht.
Toegang: 235 Dordrechts Museum
Inventarisnummer: 34

- [1090] (115 Rue d'Alger Roubaix) Georg Miller;
- [1091] Marjolin Scheffer;
- [1092] (Zwolle 1-4-1895) K. Koopman, schilderij F. Bol;

- [KOPIEERVERGUNNING] (Hotel Aux Armes de Hollande Leon Pennock 27-7-1895)
Door deze neem ik beleef de vrijheid U mede te deelen mijn gasten, allen kunstschilders, gaarne wenschten te copieeren de volgende schilderijen van het Dordrechtsche Museum:
* mr. C. Cooper van Philadelphia Penne, U.S.A. 't mansportret door Nicolaes Maes;
* miss N.B. Wright, Portville New York en miss Bertha Coleman, Brockport New York, beiden het landschap door Maris;
* Miss E. Lampert, Rochestor New York, interieur van Israels;
U zoudt mij bizonder verplichten hiervan eene toestemming te willen verleenen en verblijf in afwachting van uw geacht antwoord met de meeste hoogachting,
dhr. Pennock.
# mr. C. Cooper=Colin Campbell Cooper (1856-1937) [married Emma Lampert!!];
- paintings: 'Dordrecht Harbor, 1899'; 'Dutch Fisher Woman, Volindam (Volendam)'; 'Dutch Interior'; 'Dutch Landscape'; 'Dutch Village Scene';.
- 1856 Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Colin Campbell Cooper [Sr.] and Emily William Cooper
1937 Died in Santa Barbara, CA [http://www.sullivangoss.com/colin_campbell_cooper/]

# E. Lampert = Emma E. Lampert Cooper (1855-1920) [married Cooper !!!];
- Born in Nunda, New York, Emma Lampert Cooper was known as a brilliant colorist of landscape painting. She studied at Wells College, Cooper Union Art School and the Art Students League with Agnes Abbatt and William Merritt Chase. She frequently painted in Europe and studied at the Academie Delecluse in Paris and with Jacob Kever in Holland. She also traveled throughout Canada and India.
- sailing with s.s. 'Massachusetts' from London to Ellis Island, New York arrival Nov 04, 1895; miss E. Lampert, 25, artist, from Rochestor [MET N.B. WRIGHT!!];
- sailing with s.s. 'Maasdam' from Rotterdam to Ellis Island, New York arrival Oct 24, 1896; Emma Lampert, 28, female, artist, destination Rochestor NY, 5 pieces of baggage;
- sailing with s.s. 'Corcovado' from Hamburg to Ellis Island, New York arrival Nov. 1 1912; Emma Lampert, 34, female, married, last residence/destination Ohio Cleveland;
- sailing with s.s. 'Vaderland' from Dover to Ellis Island, New York arrival Jan 21 1914; Emma Lampert, 34, female, widow; son: Joseph Lampert;
- D.66 EMMA LAMPERT COOPER PAPERS, c. 1890-1932 [http://www.library.rochester.edu/index.cfm?page=834]
Emma Lampert Cooper was born in Nunda, New York, and graduated from Wells College in Aurora, New York. She studied art in New York at the Cooper Union and the Art Students League, and also in Paris. She was in charge of the art department of the Foster School, Clifton Springs, New York for 2 years, and gave painting classes at the Mechanic's Institute, Rochester, New York from 1893 to 1897. During that period she maintained a studio in the Powers Block, Rochester. Emma Lampert married Colin Campbell Cooper, also a painter, in 1897. They travelled abroad to Europe, the Mediterranean and India to paint. Emma Lampert Cooper exhibited in numerous museums and shows. She won medals in the Chicago Exposition, the Atlanta Exposition, Paris Exposition, St. Louis Exposition, and the Woman's Art Club Exposition. She died July 30, 1920. / Colin Campbell Cooper was born in Philadelphia, and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and in Paris. He won numerous medals for his paintings of modern city scenes, and his paintings were hung in museums including the St. Louis Museum, the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester; Reading Museum, Pennsylvania; Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego; and collection of the French government, Paris. After the death of Emma Lampert Cooper in 1920, he married Marie H. Frehsee in 1927. Colin Campbell Cooper died in Santa Barbara, California, November 6, 1938. / The collection consists of original oil and water-color sketches and photographs and printed reproductions of the paintings of Emma Lampert Cooper and Colin Campbell Cooper. Many of the reproductions exist in more than one copy, but different processes were used and therefore all copies are preserved. / Gift of Miss Delight Carson, September 1976.
- http://www.rochesterartclub.org/history/history.html

# Bertha Coleman; waarschijnlijk identiek met Bertha Helen Coleman (ca. 1864/1865 - ca. 1924) !!!
- Census 1880 (Census Place: Brockport, Monroe, New York):
Jushua COLEMAN Self M Male W 50 NY Farmer NY NY
Martha J. COLEMAN Wife M Female W 42 NY Keeping House NY NY
Byron S. COLEMAN Son S Male W 18 NY At School NY NY
Bertha H. COLEMAN Dau S Female W 16 NY At School NY NY
- sailing with s.s. 'Mobile' from London to Ellis Island arrival Sep 24, 1895; Name: Bertha Coleman, 28 yrs, student;
- Joshua COLEMAN, a well-known resident of Brockport, died Sunday, aged 66 years. An autopsy will be held over the remains. He was born in Pompey, Onondaga county, N. Y., in 1830 and has resided in Western New York for the past twenty years. A wife and two children, Dr. Byron COLEMAN, of Rochester, and Bertha COLEMAN, drawing teacher at the Brockport Normal, survive him.
[Rochester, Monroe, NY, Democrat & Chronicle, Tue Sept 15, 1896]
- sailing with s.s. ' Prince Arthur' from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Ellis Island arrival Aug 18, 1906; B. H. Coleman, 36 jrs, single, female;
- Bertha Helena COLEMAN was born about 1864 in Clarendon, Orleans County, NY. She died about 1924. Bertha was a member of D.A.R. and G.S.A. [http://www.burrcook.com/history/depuy.htm]
- COLEMAN, Bertha Helena (1865-?) [http://web.artprice.com]
Dwight D. Warne, Principal
Frank L. Warne, Associate Principal
James M. Hall, Natural Sciences
C.J. Wolcott, Commercial Department
Miss Abbie E. Conn, Preceptress, Geometry, Rhetoric, Latin, Elocution
Mrs. Clara W. Willard, Vocal Music and Piano
Miss Edith L. Winn, Teachers' Department, Violin
Miss Bertha H. Coleman, Art Department, German, Vocalization

# N.B. Wright = Nellie B. Wright (born 1871);
- (census 1880) Source Information: Census Place 6th Ward, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Abigale W. WRIGHT Self W Male W 63 VT Keeping House MA MA
Nellie B. WRIGHT Dau S Female W 9 NY NY VT
Emma K. WRIGHT Dau S Female W 31 NY Seamstress NY VT
- sailing with s.s. 'Massachusetts' from London to Ellis Island, New York arrival Nov 04, 1895; N.B. Wright, 25y, female, single, artist, from Portville; [MET MISS E. LAMPERT!!]
- sailing with s.s. 'Etruria' from Liverpool to Ellis Island, New York arrival Oct 08, 1904; Nellie B. Wright, 32y, female, single, artist;
- 909. Nellie B. Wright, American, Late 19th/Early 20th Centur, Young girl knitting by fire. Signed lower left N.B. Wright, Oil on canvas, 18inchx14. framer $500/700; [Americana at auction 18+19 nov 2005][www.eldreds.com/pdfs/catalogs/454.pdf]
- Trustees 1901-2002: Miss N.B. Wright (PORTVILLE FREE LIBRARY) [http://www.cclslib.org/portville/about_us.htm];

- [1091] (Zeist 10-8-1895) A.J. St. Jense;
- [2092] (2-4-1895) Bas Veth;
- [2093] (brief A.J. Lamme 8-04-1895) Philip Wouwerman;
- [2084] C. Marjolin nee Arij Scheffer;
- [2095] (L. Chic, Paris 27 7bre 1895) N. Marchant;
- Carl Wachtler, Berlin [MET FOTO beeld Michel Angelo !!!!]
- (7-10-1895) borstbeeld Jacob Ouzoel , tr. Maris Stoop;
- (14-11-1894, 17 Grove End Road, N.W.) W. Dyer en Sons;
- (brief mej. Clasina Neuman, Tasmanstraat 192, Den Haag)... Het is voor dames artist altijd moeielijk een invitatie te krijgen daar de meeste dames ...etc.
- [2018] (brief B.M. Koldeweij 22-1-1896)
- (Amsterdam 20-5-1896, Galerie de Tableaux Anciens) I.E. Goedhart;
- [2034] (Pulcri Studio 28-5-1896) Jacob Maris;
- [2037] (Hasselt 16-7-1896) Betzy Akersloot Berg.
- (6-7-1896) Hidde Nijland;
- [2043] (Dordrecht 7-9-1896, Wijnstraat 42, F. Verburg) Alice Dammerberg aus Riga;
- [2045] (21-10-1896) B.M. Koldeweij, exposeren van werk;
- [313] FOTO schilderij Jozef Israels !!!!! (vader en moeder aan tafel, kind in wieg);
- [2057] M.J. Theo van Doormool;
- [2059] (29-3-1897) A.J. Lamme;
- (10-6-1897) Reinier Covijn 1663;
- [2072] (Renkum 6-11-1897) Charles Dankmeijer, exposeren van werk;
- [2074] (Dordrecht 25-12-1897) brief B.M. Koldeweij, exposeren van werk;

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